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While Apple is busy with the iWatch, Samsung on the other corner of the world is likely doing the samething. These big rivals of the modern technology are ambarking on a next era of computing. It's interesting to see how the technology is advancing quickly. Do you think such a competition is good or bad? Read more to find out

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Why Facebook Graph Search is a Key Success for Business Owners

While people are questioning themselves about facebook graph   search with their privacy, we have gathered 10 key points showing how it is a great deal for entrepreneurs and business owners in general, Read full story

Business Owners Shouldn’t Wait for their First Heart Attack to Start Planning their Exit Strategy. 

Business owners should beware that one time they will have to pass on their businesses; wether you keep it in your family, or sell it, you should make a strategically plan earlier | Read more on succession planning

Learn Steps to Follow While Planning to Acquire New Tech Solutions

Choosing and acquiring technology can be a difficult task for a business. Before committing itself to a large technology purchase, a business or an enterprise should identify it most effective to adopt a structured approach to the process of selecting and purchasing new technologies. | Read more

Is Your Business Ready for the Age of Abundance?

In june 2012, an american popular physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku had a debate with his former student about economics, technology and the future.

As a populariser of science, Michio believes that everything is going to change, he says it is time for getting ready for the age of abundance. Below are 10 ways you can get ready for this age of abundance. They are all associated with successful entrepreneurs of all the time...| Read more

Why and How are Businesses Acquiring Cloud Technologies

As the cloud computing has revolutionally changed in recent years; high tech companies have already adopted it, other companies were born. On this website, you will find a section that allows you to register your business to be included for free; this is because while I am writing this article, you might be starting a new cloud company, who knows?

Henceforth we have gathered for you companies that are offering the cloud computing services | Read more

Have You Ever Thought About a Free Car? Well, Check Tips

Early in June, we communicated to you that the New Mustang customizer website launched a context, as the clouds grew dark, Ford finally anounced the context winner. After several months spanning nearly a year by contestants-- from really simple customizations to high designed cars. It turns out that there are several strategic plans you can use to get a free car around you. If you really know that you can't afford to buy a car, here we have three diffent ways you could follow to get car as a donation or as a prize. | Read more

How to Start a Successfull Movie Theater

This article is intended for those who have their sights set on starting their own movie theater. Learn some pointers that may come useful as you go about starting your own cinema movie theater. The number of independent theatre owners is growing; This is because when done properly, theater business can be a lucrative source of income. Aside from the money you’ll be earning, you also get to enjoy catering to your own niche crowd that shares the same interest in the type of films you love. Cinema malls are grouped according to the type of movie they feature. Movie theaters that run mainstream films from big film companies and distributors coinciding with the release date are deemed as first-run theaters. | Read more

Business Owners Should Beware of their Asset Protection

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