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Learn How Magic works-

Apart from 'illusionism', how does a magician walk through a pane of glass without breaking it and calling it 'liquid glass' that not sorcery, and definately beyond the realms of the laws of physics?

1st step: Imaginative

 •Imagine a horse.•Imagine a blue horse.•Give the horse some wings.•Give him a horn on his head.

 •Make him have 8 legs, 4 on each side.•Now, give him carnivore teeth and another 4 eyes.

 •Give him some drool on his mouth.•Enlarge him 5 times.•Now, imagine a little puppy by his side.

 •Now, make the horse hug the puppy and have a mixbreed between him and the puppy.

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Money Laundery is about taking the proceeds of illegal or unlawful activity and attempting to disguise sources and ownership (tax evasion, drug trafficking, racketeering, fraud, etc.); or using money from legitimate or illegitmate sources for illegal activities (terrorist financing).

There are three steps to the process, generally:

1.placement, or depositing funds into a bank

2. layering, where additional funds are added; and then integration, where the "bad" money is mixed with good money, and laundered. "Structuring" is the process by which repeated transactions of under $10,000 are deposited or withdrawn from banks, systemically, as part of the placement and/or layering process. Read More about money Laundering

iPhone Touch Screen, knwon to dramatically change the way we use apps in businesses

The electronic industry has recently been changing and making easier the user interface. Accordingly, electronic devices can use lots of different methods to detect a person's input on a touch screen. Most of them use sensors and circuitry to monitor changes in a particular state. Many, including the iPhone, monitor changes in electrical current. Others monitor changes in the reflection of waves. These can be sound waves or beams of near-infrared light. A few systems use transducers to measure changes in vibration caused when your finger hits the screen's surface or cameras to monitor changes in light and shadow. Read More about iphones

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